What is pull the mother one?

My mission: to empower parents by dishing out helpful stuff and making them laugh!

What’s the name about? I mean, I love a pun, but that’s not the sole reason for me choosing this name! It’s because I think the most important weapon to have in your arsenal as you battle on with this parenting malarkey is a sense of humour. So, I hope to bring some laughs to even the toughest topics.

I’m a mum who loves to write. Since becoming pregnant with my now one-year-old, P, I have learned that parenthood was nothing like what I expected! Along the way I have collected (and discarded!) a lot of advice, stories and info, and I want to share this in a clear way to (hopefully) help other people.

But it’s not all about me. I’m not a doctor, a health visitor, or an expert at anything other than looking after my baby, P. Everyone has different experiences and I want to include as many pieces as possible from other parent contributors. The more people contribute, the more chance there is of someone relating to something written on here and finding it useful. So, if you’d like to contribute in any way, please get in touch! It could be that you’d like to write an article, have a funny story to cheer us all up, or even just an idea of a topic you’d like to see covered on here. Whatever it is, let me know!

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